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To Coach, open your mind to various team skill sets, and to the training needs, potential, and methods of each individual player.
“The Next Level” will not only train, but will inspire the suspecting, who are ambitious toward the game, and inspire the unsuspecting who go through the motions, but sense a bigger picture to work toward, if they just had direction.
Diamond Master and Life superiority take planning, dedication, training, implementation, courage, sportsmanship and an overall view of right from wrong.
Knowledge of the game and knowledge of “Technique Building”, is always more critical at the Next Level.
This fun book contains many true life stories, because “true life” is the essence of reasons and results.
This Next Level guide concerns itself with perfecting Diamond Master game-teaching technique, physically and mentally, but also with the realities of Life associated with the game.
Let someone else be frustrated and quit because of the requirement of practicing skills they are not so good at and become defeated by those natural challenges of “improvement”.
Always keep a knee in the game.